Julia's Yoga Body Beauty

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Restorative yoga for all levels, massage and bodywork with natural beauty solutions.

We are excited to be here, just 1 block from Queensgate mall at Epiphany Studio, Lower Hutt. Epiphany Studio offers well being in the heart of the Hutt. Here at Julia's Yoga Body Beauty we have natural therapies to assist your wellbeing mind, body and soul. Yoga means union and it is with yoga we want to awaken the energy points in the body and get moving in order to restore, refresh and revitalise the body and senses. Body work and natural beauty therapy options also work on the energy channels in different ways to awaken your inner and outer self, so you feel and look more energised & healthy radiating your beauty from the inside out. 
60 Queens Dr, Lower Hutt

Julia's Yoga Body Beauty

 Epiphany Studio, 60 Queens Dr, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region

JULIA'S is in the heart of Lower Hutt with your well being at heart and offers yoga, massage and natural beauty solutions. Based in Epiphany Studio, 60 Queens Dr JULIA'S includes magical relaxing massage with specialists in lomilomi massage, Thai massage and shiatsu. We can also provide acupuncture, kansa anti-aging face lift massage, foot works and treatment packages with low weekly payments to ensure you make time for you. 

Massage is magic. Not in an illusory or deceptive way but in a surprisingly beautiful way. Massage unlocks the natural abilities within us to restore and heal in much the same way as many of natures amazing gifts bloom, blossom & unfold around us continually. 

If you are looking for Mai Massage and Yoga Time click the link below.