Julia's Yoga Body Beauty 

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Julia's: Yoga Body Beauty

Julia's is dedicated to well being in Lower hutt and Christchurch by arrangement. Nature based solutions for our modern day issues.  Offering restorative body and beauty solutions with yoga, massage and anti aging facials. 


Yoga is amazing for both body and mind. Julia's offers multi-level flowing yoga suitable for beginners. This yoga style is based on strong hatha and flowing tai chi. You are encouraged to become more aware of your body and breath with breathing, movement, and short meditations you can also practice at home. The classes are small with 10 people max per class. 

We build up strength together with repeating patterns but then again you never quite know what you will get since there is such a wide range of movement we can practise in our short 45min - 75min sessions. It will result in better energy, mobility, strength and flexibility. 

Create a wellbeing package for yourself including massage and yoga classes for as little as $30/week or find out about our yoga classes.


Try a relaxation massage to restore body and mind. You will be surprised at how relaxed you can feel and how effective these techniques can be for your spine, joint issues, tiredness and general aches and pains. 

Otherwise a lomilomi inspired massage can work wonders. Using techniques honed in Hawaii we use firm and soft flowing strokes, mobilize the joints and include gentle stretches. Most memorable of these restorative techniques would be the leg rotations releasing tension from the hips. 

The illius and psoas muscles in the hips are considered to hold emotional stress in yoga and are also essential in supporting our bodies through good posture. So the hip mobilization releases emotional, physical and mental tension. It clears the way for energy flow throughout the body along the energy channels of the fascia, meridian energy channels, chakra energy centers. The aim is to facilitate the body to release toxins and tension so it can restore itself overtime assisted by the environmental energy around us. 


There are no toxic chemicals or products with these beauty treatments. We have beauty based on nature and the ancient wisdom of ayurveda This includes the kansa wand facial & foot massages and steam facials with organic spa ingredients. Cosmetic acupuncture offers another exciting option for naturally assisted beauty, available by arrangement. 

Try a treatment or purchase the kansa wand directly and get the benefits of a regular treatment.