Julia's Yoga Body Beauty 

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Here at Julia's Yoga Body Beauty we have natural therapies to assist your wellbeing mind, body and soul. Yoga means union and it is with yoga we want to awaken the energy points in the body and get moving in order to restore, refresh and revitalise the body and senses. Body work and natural beauty therapy options also work on the energy channels in different ways to awaken your inner and outer self, so you feel and look more energised & healthy radiating your beauty from the inside out. 


The Sanctuary 
Behind the Spiritualist church
88 Richmond St, Petone 

Lovely venue with a great feel and free off street parking. 

The Sanctuary Yoga Class Times 

Tuesday 5.30pm

Wednesday 9.30am

The Sanctuary, April 2018

88 Richmond St, Petone

Home Studio 


10 Swainson St, Naenae

A labour of love with free off street parking, behind the red door.

Home Studio Yoga Class Times

Monday 5.30 - 6.30pm Calligraphy Yoga

Thursday 7.30 - 8.30pm Restore

10 Swainson St, Naenae, Lower Hutt

Julia's Yoga Body Beauty

Lower Hutt 0247-4273529



Do you feel tired, lack of energy & unfocused or perhaps finding other yoga too physically demanding? Join us and gently stretch and strengthen increase balance, health & wellbeing. Learn the basics of calligraphy yoga for joint health, energy rejuvenation, hormonal balance, stretching and strengthening.  We also look at cultivating & harnessing our internal energy, You can drop in $12 to join our small group any time or $65 all sessions.

The kansa wand is a fabulous way to reduce daily stress and produces an amazing anti aging facial. Try a treatment at the studio and follow the link below to purchase a tool you can use to reduce tension, stress and facial lines. 


If you are looking for Mai Massage and Yoga Time click the link below.