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Mai Massage and Yoga Time 


Feel the magical restorative powers of your own body. Relaxation massage uses short and long strokes & activates points on the body to stimulate our own healing systems. It increases circulation and decreases stress so you feel better and helps to combat many health issues.

Experience an oil massage based on the traditions of lomilomi massage from Hawaii. Your massage will be infused with ancient understandings of energy systems and current scientific & medical research.  Not just creating a better energetic flow but also treating the largest organ of the body, your skin to a sensational treat. 

Available in Lower Hutt weekly and Christchurch monthly. Book soon to avoid missing out.


$40 half hour 
$80 hour
$110 90min

Mai Massage and Yoga Time is a massage service specializing in  lomilomi massage and natural beauty solutions plus mobile yoga services. We are based in Lower Hutt and monthly at the Quiet Mind Body Shop in Christchurch with Chevanne

Book the services you need under the Mai massage heading. 

Online Special

$100 for 90min

Book online or text 
Chevanne 027-4273529

September dates comming soon
Come and be refreshed and relieved from mind & body stress
Massage to restore with Chevanne from Mai Massage
Remember Friday books up fast so text soon.

Saturday ONLY
Chch online $60/50min special

Muscle Balancing by request

Reduce anxiety NOW with a colour balance using Chinese 5 - element theory & colour.
This 40min may change your life - or at the least help you feel better

You can BOOK NOW, text, call or contact online for a booking time


Please check that the dates below are correct for your location. Daily bookings are available on 027-4273529 and you are welcome to text or call on the day. We accept cash, credit card and eftpos.



Dates & location  to be confirmed 

Quiet Mind Body Shop 

Christchurch City

September dates to be confirmed

Friday - Saturday by appointment

Quiet Mind Body Yoga Shop, 37 Philpotts Rd, Christchurch 

37 Philpotts Rd, Christchurch

Massage is magic. Not in an illusionary or deceptive way but in a surprisingly beautiful way, Massage unlocks the natural abilities within us to restore and heal in much the same way as many of natures amazing gifts bloom, blossom & unfold around us continually.